Nothing but Castle

Please say honestly you won’t give up on me
And I shall believe


Castle 6x20 Sneak Peek #3 “That 70’s Show” Castle& Beckett Lanie Mob Boss Morgue Scene

Hmm. Don’t get up yet. Stay in bed. Castle!



I can’t stop laughing, this is hilarious. Kate’s face is priceless #LOL



When construction workers uncover the body of an infamous New York mobster from the 70s, Castle and Beckett must dig into the past to solve his murder! #Castle

So I’m officially dead.
Castle told Beckett she looks hot in her 70s outfit
Lanie went ALL out for her part and her sass is so wonderful
I can’t wait to see the whole episode. I’m so freaking excited!

Beckett’s reaction to Castle’s theories over the years.

Cupcake ♥

Cupcake ♥


make me choose:
 asked: Stana Katic or Nathan Fillion?

-Is that refreshing to play?

-A strong female lead? Yeah, I can’t imagine a woman being otherwise.